Our Mission Statement

  • Serve communities in the wake of war or natural disaster by teaming with other first responders through purpose-built mobile apps
  • Support the pro bono work already done by the coding community by fundraising, providing support and managing code libraries
  • Accept and evaluate code donations, both for Open Source and Limited Shared Source for pro bono clients.
  • Host AppBUILD Live, a skunkworks for very fast coding. AppBUILD Live is a reality show for Coding Dream Teams building apps, held twice a year live on the web


AppBuilde Live 2020

Search for our casting call crew at Exibith Area at FileMaker Devcon 2019
Orlando, Gaylord Palms Resort 5-8 august 2019

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Our sponsors

  • 360works
  • Angel City Data
  • LiveCode
  • Proof Group
  • FMGuru
  • Smallco.

Board of directors

  • Carsten Levin, CODEO
  • Makah Encarnacao, Soliant
  • Mark Baum, Soliant
  • Susan Prosser, DBHQ
  • Dave Knight, Angel City Data
  • Marty Thomasson, Gearbox Solutions
  • Scott Howard, Scott Howard Consulting
  • Molly Connolly, Thorsen Consulting
  • Heidi Porter, The Moyer Group
  • Ernest Koe, Proof Group
  • Dave Ramsay, Geist Interactive
  • Matt Navarre, AppWorks
  • Hassell Moreno, SmallCo.
  • Craig Saunders, Digital Fusion
  • David Head, uLearnIT